Other work

Littering with Nature
Site-specific participatory project / Northern Lights.mn Artathlon, Fort Snelling State Park, MN

Program text: Lost your ability to appreciate wilderness? Does communing with nature = does not compute? Come exercise your radical empathy muscles by engaging with the non-human living world through an intimate act humankind knows all too well: littering. But this time, on nature's terms. At Littering with Nature, you'll take an item that nature itself has thrown down—a broken branch, fallen leaves, a pile of snow, goose poop—and insert yourself into the cycle by re-discarding it elsewhere. Tie up a tag there detailing your choice of item and location for others to contemplate, and you're done! You've met the natural world halfway on the obscure path to harmony in our fraught modern times.

This home is not for sale
Public poetry installation project, commissioned poet / Poetry for People, Molly Van Avery, Witt Siasoco, City of Lakes Community Land Trust, Minneapolis MN

See pictures of my poem installation, and others', here

Production text: THIS HOME IS NOT FOR SALE is a collaborative project that brings together an affordable housing organization (City of Lakes Community Land Trust), homeowners who live in formerly foreclosed homes, a poetry group (Poetry for People), and Witt Siasoco to create site specific artworks in front yards throughout Minneapolis. Poetry for People and Siasoco will work closely with the CLCLT to identify eight households throughout the City of Minneapolis who will open up their homes, transform their front yard into a venue for displaying art, and inspire conversation and exchange within the surrounding community.
The eight homeowners will share stories about the state of their home when they first purchased it, the transformation it has gone through, the stories they have learned or made up about its past, and how their lives have been impacted by owning the home. Inspired by the story exchanges, a poet, ­­will write an original poem and I will create visuals that will manifest itself in a screenprint. Siasoco will collaborate with the poet to layout the poem in a poster format and incorporate visuals. The screenprints will be displayed in the homeowner’s front lawn on a structure that will resemble a realty sign. Siasoco will also create an accompanying limited edition broadside distributed on the realty sign that will be free for neighbors to take home with them.

Ogle (or Ilk)
Performance piece with Google Maps / Red Eye Works-in-Progress and Mizna AWP offsite event, Minneapolis MN

Program text: I wanted to use Works in Progress to develop creative protocols and engagements for a sprawling project involving four months of tracing the Great Lakes coast right after the show is over. Instead I was caught up in experimenting with some essential elements of the project: how we inhabit and identify with place in pervasive virtual spaces like Google Maps; how to manifest the sublime and bring it home; how poetry is uniquely suited to bridge the physical and the psychical; and more. This piece stands these efforts up together hopefully long enough to evoke something ecstatically true about the experience of making self and place in modernity.

Mother*ing nature
Group residency and roving performance, curator and participating artist / Salem Art Works, Salem NY

SAW summary text: Artist Moheb Soliman curated a recent group residency where five Montreal, QC artists came down to Salem Art Works for two weeks to work individually under a common theme: briefly put, the place of nature in modernity and identity. They found the Salem Art Works grounds in a profound state of transformation--heavy landscaping, clear-cutting, brush-hogging, trail-blazing, and other such terms of Man v. Nature were evident at every turn. Moheb and company found the circumstances very ideal and stimulating in fact for their critical explorations about mother nature, mothering nature, and other possible relationships to the non-human living world as supreme "other." The residency involved engaging with a set of texts and materials, daily meetings and discussions, independent work in a group studio, and a slow, winding, steady course towards a final show. Artists developed diverse pieces of dance, music, performance art and participatory art, poetry, and theater. These were presented through a sort of mock-tour of sites all around SAW's property, activating and inhabiting strange spaces and ones taken for granted. The show was a very true and yet surprising culmination of what the group of six had experienced at this very uniquely natural-cultural space, through the lens of the residency. The concepts and the context were terrifically complementary, and there was a real sense of presence, sensuality, and experimentation in the work they showed. Reports of a beautiful, outrageous, powerful, and quiet too, time, were shared by all: Moheb, Ximena Holuigue, Mary Williamson, James Irwin, Victoria Stanton, and Maya Kuroki.